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ARLA works tirelessly to promote professionalism, education and equity in all aspects of the Residential Rental Business for the benefit of industry members and tenants.

Golf Tournament

DATE: June 18, 2015


ARLA is pleased to bring you the 14th Annual Dougald Miller Golf Tournament.  Join us for a fun filled day of Golf at the Sandpiper Golf & Country Club. Earlybird Registration is only $130 per golfer and includes Breakfast, Hot Dog lunch, Ice Cream, & BBQ Dinner. 






**   DOOR PRIZES &  SO MUCH               MORE!

Upcoming Conference

Date:    Thurs., June 11, 2015
Place:   Chateau Nova Kingsway    
               159 Airport Road

Time:   9:00 am - 3:00 pm




PART 1: Before the Tenancy 

* Knowing what the Residential

   Tenancy Act says

*  Best Business Practices

*  Preventing and Managing                        Conflict

*  Obligations and Rights of

    Landlords and Tenants

*  Tenancy Agreements 


PART 2: During the Tenancy 

*  Rent

*  Landlord's Right of Entry

*  Repairs and Maintenance

*  Visitors and Occupants

*  Sublets and Assignment

*  Resolving and Preventing Disputes

*  Effective Communication


PART 3: Ending the Tenancy 

*  Landlord Obligations

*  Tenant Obligations

*   How to Terminate a Tenancy 

*   No Fault Termination of Tenancy 

*   Substantial Breaches 

*   Notices



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